Eco-Friendly and Hybrid Limousines

Our goal is to be operating a 100% Green Fleet by 2016. Intralink Transportation is committed to minimizing our carbon foot print that we on the environment by doing the following:

On The Road By:

  • Offering hybrid limousines to minimize our carbon footprint and encouraging clients to use them as an alternative to the conventional livery vehicle
  • Maintaining vehicles regularly and making sure that they are in proper working order so they do not emit excessive carbon monoxide.
  • Using green products to clean vehicles such as; car washes, cleaning/ detailing products and reusable cloths rather that paper towels.
  • Shutting off engines to reduce idle times when vehicles are not in use by passenger.
  • Managing reservations closely by dispatching cars closest to their pick up locations.

In The Office By:

  • Reducing office energy usage by turning off lights during the days and keeping the blinds open to let natural light emit through the glass windows.
  • Conserving computers energy but either shutting down computers when they are not in use or by setting them to stand by when they are not in use for short periods of time. A computer in sleep mode can save 60-70% of power.
  • Turn off all peripherals when not in use. Peripherals such as printers, video cards, speakers, and scanners continue to consume power even when not in use. Unplug them and save energy.
  • Reducing printer use. We are helping the environment by reusing ink cartridges, limiting color prints, printing in draft mode and by printing double sided where possible.
  • Using recycled paper in office for everyday printing purposes.
  • Reducing paper waste by keeping important files stored on the computer and by send company updates via email to employees rather than sending out individual letters.