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Easter Limousine Service in 2015

March 20th, 2015 by admin in Limousine Service, Limousine Tips

Easter Limousine ServiceThe Easter long weekend starts on April 3rd, 2015 (Good Friday) and ends on the 6th (Easter Monday), which means that it’s going to be a busy weekend for a lot of families coming in (and out) of Vancouver to see their loved ones for the holidays. Many of you will no doubt be flying in and out of Vancouver on your way to your destination, and planning your transportation after the plane has landed is important! With traffic at an all time high around the holidays, you can expect there to be fewer available taxis, and more hassle for your family if they have to pick you up.

We offer an affordable alternative that beats the rest of your options – having a chauffeured sedan pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your destination. A lot of people don’t know what to expect the first time they ride in a chauffeured vehicle, but rest assured that it’s an easygoing and pleasant experience. You don’t have to be dressed up, a celebrity, or rich to afford a sedan or limousine, and in some cases they can actually be cheaper than taking a taxi a far distance.

If you’re travelling with your whole family, it might be a good option to look in to a full size limousine for transportation. We offer numerous options from our fleet, and we can assure you it’s simpler, cheaper, and more reliable than trying to fit in to numerous taxis. There is plenty of room for all of your luggage and family in just one vehicle: no more trying to fit everything in to the back seat of a cab.

If you need transportation this Easter weekend, count on us to take you no matter where you need to go. Book our Easter limousine service today.

Golden Plates 2015 Awards

March 14th, 2015 by admin in Limousine Service, Limousine Tips, Vancouver Events

Golden Plate Awards 2015The Georgia Straight just announced their 2015 winners for their Golden Plate awards, which catalogs Metro Vancouver’s favourite restaurants chosen by their readers. If you’re looking for somewhere special to dine out, their awards are the standard for picking out a hot new location, or choosing the best restaurant by region. Whether you’re looking for the best night out, best chef, fine dining, or casual night out with friends, they can help you find the perfect location for your special event.

We offer transportation to and from your chosen restaurant, which provides you with luxury and comfort throughout your whole experience. There’s nothing better for a bachelorette, business trip, or social outing than taking a sedan or limousine. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite winners this year that you should definitely check out.


1. Chambar Restaurant

Chambar took home a lot of awards this year, from Best Overall Restaurant (1st) to Best Fine Dining. Chambar invites you to leave your day at the door and enjoy an evening of unpretentious fine dining.


2. Hawksworth Restaurant

Chef David Hawksworth realises his culinary vision at his first eponymous restaurant, in the very heart of downtown Vancouver. At Hawksworth Restaurant he has created the ideal setting to deliver compelling contemporary Canadian cuisine; a demonstration of his European-trained technical ability, deep appreciation for local ingredients and an absolute insistence on only the very best quality. This year David Hawksworth took home the award for Best Chef.


3. Vij’s Restaurant

Vikram Vij and Meeru Dhalwala have been running Vij’s since September 1994. They focus on high-quality, local ingredients and change their menu seasonally. Vikram is also known for his role as an investor on the CBC series Dragon’s Den, and regularly greets his guests each dinner service. They won numerous awards such as Best North Indian, and Best Restaurant Overall.


Ready to have a great night out? Call us for any of your transportation needs, or request a quote today!

Limo Service Vancouver to Seattle

March 9th, 2015 by admin in Corporate Limousine, Limousine Service, Limousine Tips, Sightseeing

Vancouver BC to Seattle WA LimoTaking a limousine from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle, Washington is a relaxing, scenic, and exciting trip. Whether you’re in need of a sedan for your business trip, or a full limousine for your group travel, we offer the utmost of quality and reliability for your entire travel.

Seattle is only a short trip away from Vancouver, which makes it perfect for a limousine travel. When taxis can’t take you over the border, and a rental car is too much of a hassle (and even more so for an entire group), consider the smart alternative of hiring a limousine company. You can expect nothing but the best service and price, as well as the top amenities a limousine has to offer. Our limousines are complete with: a bar with champagne flutes, TV’s, leather seating, climate control, and a soothing sound system for your enjoyment.

When you arrive at your destination in Seattle, we can drop you off directly at your hotel, conference centre, or any other destination you require. Our chauffeurs are also knowledgable about the area, and can help you find whatever you’ll require, no matter where your journeys take you.

Ready to get a quote? Get started with a Vancouver to Seattle limousine today.

Limousine Golf Tours in Vancouver

March 1st, 2015 by admin in Golf Tours, Limousine Service, Sightseeing

Golf Limousine TourIf you’re an avid golfer, and you’re in Vancouver, there are plenty of options in and around the city to spend the day (or whole week!) enjoying some games in the spring season. Vancouver is a popular golfing spot in this country, and you definitely can’t beat the views and scenery of our many golf courses. Some of the best and most interesting courses in British Columbia are in Whistler, Kamloops and Kelowna. If you need to take a trip out there, consider Intralink Transportation to take you there in comfort.


For You

If you’re coming to Vancouver alone we offer affordably priced sedan limousines for your comfort. Each vehicle is fully equipped for your every need, and our professional chauffeur will help you with any luggage you need to carry to the course. Most of the golf courses in BC offer everything from a day pass, to a 3-4 day package including your rooming accommodations. Whichever the case, you can rely on us to take you there directly from the airport, or wherever your starting location.


For Your Group

We also offer reliable transportation for large groups of any size. When you’re on a business trip, or are having a day out with your friends, we can transport everyone safely and on time to the golf course of your choice. There’s no better option than a stretch limousine or shuttle bus to take you to your destination – it’s more affordable than multiple taxis and far easier to coordinate with your group.

Your group may also want to dine at one of the many luxury restaurants in the area, and our professional chauffeur can offer personalized suggestions of great locations in the area. We offer daily service to any location you require.


Book Today

Get a quote for a golf course limousine tour today and make your next trip impeccable. Whether you’re taking a trip alone, or with a group, we have affordable, luxury options available for your travel needs.