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Why To Use Airport Limousine Services

July 29th, 2014 by admin in Limousine Service, Limousine Tips

Whether you need to be at a meeting as soon as you land, or would like to travel leisurely in style, a limousine might be your best option when travelling from the airport to your destination. You may wonder why taking a limousine over a taxi or transit is a better plan – a lot of people think limousines are expensive and only for special occasions. That’s far from the truth, though, and an affordable airport limousine travel can be exactly what you need.

Price is something we all worry about when travelling, and sticking to your (or your business’) budget is almost always a necessity. In rush hour traffic, a taxi can easily run you over $45-50 from the airport to your destination, and you don’t get a very high quality of service. A limousine can be as cheap as $75 – which includes a professional chauffeur, leisurely and roomy atmosphere, and room for plenty more passengers.

Taking a limousine also guarantees you safe and on-time travel to and from your destination. Take a limousine straight from the airport to your hotel or meeting, no hassle or worry. Transit, buses, and subways are crowded and won’t always take you exactly where you want to be on time.

You can take advantage of our courteous and knowledgeable reservation agents to make reliable reservations in advance. You can also save precious time with our personal meet and greet service. We can meet you upon your arrival at the airport, help with luggage retrieval, and escort you directly to the limo.

Get started with our airport limousine service today!

Things To Do on British Columbia Day (August 4th)

July 23rd, 2014 by admin in Limousine Service, Limousine Tips, Sightseeing

British Columbia FlagAs you may be aware, British Columbia Day is coming up on August 4th, and there are a ton of fun and interesting activities to do in BC on this statutory holiday. We’ve listed off some of our favorites this season.

Many communities around British Columbia, including Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria all have special events and festivals on the long weekend. The festivals aren’t focused on the holiday itself, but rather take advantage of a three-day summer weekend when many people take vacation.

#1. Powell Street Festival

Based in Oppenheimer Park, this Vancouver festival celebrates Japanese-Canadian culture, with music, crafts, and performances.

#2. Squamish Days Festival

Crowds gather for old-fashioned but fascinating events dubbed logger sports – like axe throwing, tree climbing, and hand bucking. There’s also a town parade and music performances.

#3. Vancouver Pride

This Sunday event on the BC Day weekend paints Vancouver’s West End in rainbow colors. More than 650,000 people march in and watch the parade, which starts on Robson Street, and then travels along Denman and Davie streets.

Look out for events all along the Davie Village, including a street dance festival, food trucks, and much more.

#4 Canadian National BBQ Championships

This event is held in Whistler every year, and sports burgers, chili, beef brisket, chicken, and ribs. This barbecue competition has too many tasty eats to name, let alone sample! It’s like a summer backyard barbecue with the ski village.

Whether you’re trying to get to Oppenheimer Park, Downtown Vancouver, or Whistler, we have you covered. Be sure to book a limousine with our customer care specialists for you and your friends on this holiday weekend.

3 Reasons To Use Corporate Limousine Travel

July 15th, 2014 by admin in Limousine Service, Limousine Tips

When traveling to and from a business event, tradeshow, or meeting with your clients, a limousine sets the tone and provides you with peace of mind all day long. Here are our top 3 reasons you should rely on a limousine for your business travels:

1. On time

Traveling to important meetings can be stressful if you’re in a foreign city, and being on time is not only polite and professional, but also takes a huge stress off of your chest.

A taxi can be expensive, unreliable, and unprofessional. Rental cars are also not the best option if you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings, and finding paid parking is a hassle in itself.

Only an affordable limousine service can offer you the best off all worlds, picking you up from your location and taking you directly to your destination. Our expert local limousine team can make sure you arrive exactly on time, every time.

2. Professional

Nothing looks less professional than taking a taxi to your important tradeshow or meeting, and the lack of space makes it hard to do any last-minute preparations on your electronic devices.

Our limousines are roomy, comfortable, clean and professional. Our chauffeurs are professional, prompt to help, and ready to provide you with anything you need to do your job more efficiently.

3. Accommodates Group Travel

Unlike other methods of transportation, limousines can accommodate your entire team, for when group travel is a necessity. In fact, your limousine service can be cheaper than equivalent taxis or rental cars.

We can pick up your entire team directly from the airport to your hotel, and then to any event you have afterwards. No more fumbling with multiple cab companies, and worrying about missed meetings. Limousines are easy and reliable.

5 Star Limousine Service

July 10th, 2014 by admin in Limousine Service, Limousine Tips

Intralink Transportation is Vancouver’s most reliable, trustworthy, and professional star limousine and airport transfer service. We offer a myriad of services to our customers to make their experience as comfortable and safe as possible. Let us show you the 5 ways our limousine service beats the competition:

1. Reliable

Our chauffeurs are extremely well trained – on time and ready to pick you up from your destination. Trust us to pick you and your party up at any destination in the greater Vancouver area, whether you’re going to wedding, planning a special occasion, or heading up to Whistler for the mountain air.

2. Professional

Your journey will be chauffeured by our elite limousine drivers. Rely on us to provide you with the most professional, courteous, and joyful limousine experience you’ve ever had – you’ll never go back to a taxi again. Let us pamper you in style and comfort for your airport transportation services and more.

3. Trustworthy

Intralink Transportation is one of Vancouver’s most established limousine companies, with a strong track record of quality service. As one of our customers puts it:

“My experience with Intralink Transportation has been amazing. Every time we booked a limo or a party bus, they were always on time also very professional. Their service will never fail you and also ensure you to have a good time.”

4. Global Service

Traveling out of town and need a limousine service? Intralink Transportation’s global network of affiliates can help you no matter where you are in the world. You can expect the same great, reliable service no matter where in the world you are. Our Expert Transportation Planners will help you plan and organize your trip.

5. Environmentally Friendly

For the discerning traveler, we offer environmentally friendly vehicles that still provide the same comfortable and professional feeling that normal limousines offer. On top of that, we take numerous steps in our office to reduce our energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Limousine Sightseeing Tours for Foodies

July 1st, 2014 by admin in Limousine Service, Sightseeing

Thierry Desserts VancouverThere are plenty of great restaurants in Vancouver to see, so why not make a night of it? Sightseeing tours in a limousine are a great way to experience Vancouver without the hassle of driving around the city. Let us recommend three great restaurants to visit this summer for an amazing three-course meal.


Three Award-Winning Restaurants for a Limo Tour

Appetizers: Forage
Forage is a great sustainable diner in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Enjoy fresh shucked oysters, kale and apple chips and more for a light snack. Also, since you’re not driving, enjoy local BC craft beer and wine.

Dinner: Hawksworth Restaurant
The perfect spot in Vancouver for an elegant and delicious dinner, Hawksworth is an award-winning restaurant in Downtown Vancouver. Try their Roasted Elk Striploin and Parmesan Crusted Chicken.

Dessert: Thierry
An amazing patisserie for desserts, from handcrafted fresh chocolates, macarons, cakes and pastries. Always busy, and the perfect spot to finish a meal.

Let us help you plan and organize the perfect dinner night out for you and your guests. Our limousine specialists can help you choose the right limousine for your party and pick you up and drop you off from all of your locations.